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Just as a good performer can move from theatre to film to television, we’ve found that animal actors can be trained for any media; but it takes the proper preparation, trust, and a comfortable atmosphere that encourages consistent performances. Berloni Theatrical Animals can help in each of these areas.

Pre-production: We can review the script and meet with the creative teams to evaluate your requirements, suggest alternatives and estimate costs. With our experience and wide range of contacts, we can then find the proper animals.

Rehearsal: We will train the animals to fulfill the requirements of their roles. As important, we will train the human actors to work effectively with the animals. During this time, we can also arrange and participate in publicity efforts for the production.

During the run: A member of our staff will be supervising at all times to reinforce the training, as well as to ensure that the animals are happy, healthy and always ready to perform.

Locations: We can help scout and provide rural locations, as well as advise how to prep them for a shoot, making them safe for the animals.

From animal welfare requirements to public health regulations to liability insurance, there are a number of other factors that must be considered when working with an animal actor. We are familiar with the requirements laid out in the Animal Welfare Act and are fully licensed by the USDA. We have strong relationships with the Humane Society and a variety of veterinary experts. We have more than 30 years of experience in obtaining local permits and certification. So when you work with Berloni Theatrical Animals, you can be sure that all these factors are being handled efficiently and correctly.

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