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Broadway Tails


Heartfelt stories of rescued dogs who became showbiz superstars by Bill Berloni & Jim Hanrahan

William Berloni and his company have spent the past thirty years training dogs and cats for Broadway productions, primarily using animals rescued from shelters. As a high schooler in 1976, Berloni had rescued an Airedale mixed breed only hours before it was slated for euthanasia. The terrier was cast as Sandy in the musical Annie and performed there for seven years. The bulldog currently starring in Legally Blonde and her bulldog understudy were rescued from Newark and from North Carolina.

Berloni’s story is completely engaging as he talks about being the first to train actors to work with animals on stage, his love for mutts over purebreds, as well as the four-acre animal retirement compound where he lives. With photos throughout this delightful book, we learn details about how his dogs are trained, how they react to Broadway life, and his own personal rise to fame. An enchanting writer (whose first book, Doga, has sold more than 350,000 copies for Chronicle) with an inspiring story for animal lovers, theatergoers, and anyone who loves books.

Sure to be a classic like James Herriott's "All Creatures Great and Small".

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By Jennifer Brilliant & William Berloni

Dogs have always been natural yogis, and their tranquility of mind, ability to be in the moment, and contented outlook are widely considered to be the result of their long and devoted practice of doga. Dogis Benny, Buster, and Cricket practiced in obscurity for years, perfecting their dogic principles. Now at last they reveal the powerful secrets of doga. Many of the movements and positions of doga can inspire and assist humans in their own yoga practice. Doga presents the major asanas or postures, from the Downward-Facing Dog to the relaxing Happy Puppy and restorative Pup's Pose. Each stretch is demonstrated by one of the dogis, with accompanying text to help people adapt positions to their own practice. Also included are breathing techniques such as the hot breath, or pant, and tips on practicing with your own dogi. Anyone who does yoga or owns a dog is sure to find inspiration in these pages. On the path to health and inner harmony, Doga shows the way.

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Sandy, the Autobiography of a Star

William Berloni and Allison Thomas

Wags to Riches

From Wags to Riches brings you into the world of award-winning theatrical animal trainer Bill Berloni. Known as a tireless advocate for animals, Berloni possesses the unique ability to transform shelter dogs into stars. Berloni's passion for animal activism has opened up the door to a pool of untapped talent, allowing him to rescue dogs and to give them a second life on stage.

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